Shattersphere Faithless Lyrics

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'd search the world to find the key to my head
To understand the reasons why I can't be
Alone for a moment without regretting every word
That has jumped off my tongue, confusing every one

My arms can't hold back the loneliness
I've felt since I lost sight
My arms can't hold back what my hands
Have already deceived

Already deceived

So much is different
So much has changed
So many reasons why I don't want to see my face
Somebody bind my hands and make me understand...

I try to remember just what happened on that night
The things I did, the things I said, it never ends
It's like this face that lay beside me just won't leave
it stays right by my side and never goes away

I don't want to understand....

In the Face of Anger Track Listing
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  • 4 The Usurper
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