Jars Of Clay Faith Like A Child Lyrics

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Dear God, surround me as i speak,
the bridges that i walk across are weak
frustrations fill the void that i can't soley bare.
Dear God, don't let me fall apart, you've held
me close to you, but i have turned away and
searched for answers i can't understand.

They say i can move the mountains
and send them falling to the sea. They
say thati can walk on water, if i would follow
and believe, with faith like a child.

Sometimes when i feel miles away, and my eyes
can't see your face. Well i wonder if i've grown to
lose the recklessness i walke in light of you

(Chorus 2x's repeat)

They say that love can heal the broken,
They say that hope can make you see,
They say that faith can find a saviour,
If you would follow and believe,
with faith like a child
Thanks to cindy for submitting Faith Like A Child Lyrics.

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