Black Sabbath Fairies Wear Boots Lyrics

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Goin' home, late last night
Suddenly I got a fright
Yeah I looked throught the window
And surprised what I saw
A Fairy with boots on dancin' with a dwarf
Alright now!

Fairies wear boots and now you gotta believe me
Yeah I saw it, I saw it
I tell you no lie

Yeah Fairies had boots and you gotta believe me
I saw it, I saw it with my own two eyes
Woah right now!

So I went to the doctor to see what he could give me
He said Son, son, you've gone too far
'Cause smokin' and trippin' is all that you do

Written by: F. Iommi, J. Osbourne, T. Butler, W. Ward
Lyrics © T.R.O. INC.

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