Necromantia Faceless Gods Lyrics

From The Past We Summon Thee Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Faceless Gods
  • 2 Λυκανθρωπια (Lycaon's Metamorphosis)
  • 3 La Mort
  • Far away deep, in the deserted lands
    Black cities rise, as monuments of hate
    The crypts who hide the Ancient ones
    Sources of Malice beyond the 7th gate
    Kingdom of Darkness, dreaming dead
    Faces of Abyss, beyond death
    (Our world belongs to them as it was before)
    Faceless gods invoking damnation
    Usurpers of Throne, Fathers of creation
    (One day they will awake and no human will be saved)
    Mortals will open the eye of the throne
    With the 7 keys of the land of the living
    ERESKIGAL will reign at dawn
    AZAG-THOTH will scream on his throne
    CTHULHU will rise from his sleep
    From the seas he was buried deep
    Our mother ISHTAR will temporary die
    Nature will shudder from her nocturnelcry
    Chaos will swallow the Earth
    When the fires will burn again
    Human race will be lead to her death
    The Ancients will howl their rebirth

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