Raven Symone Face 2 Face Lyrics

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Boy don't be a mystery...
cause I like to see how it'd be getting to know you...
Curiously watching you, not knowing you...
watching me looks like you good to get close to...
Don't know how it gets to me, when I see you,
Think how good it could be,
I don't want to give you, I'll keep you,
Just wanna get face to face,

hand in hand, chest to chest
hold me round my waist...
can you make me lose my breath?
Like we're running away?
Keep it going till there's no one left
(left in the place)
All you gotta do is pursue it
let's get face to face

I want to get close to you
I can't approach you
because I feel that it just wouldn't be right
holla like you're supposed to
I know you want me don't you?
You keep wondering what it would be like
Like a flame on the water
A trap to a writer
Just wanna be face to face

Now, let me break it down
we're gonna break it on down
gotta come a little closer
let me show you
this is how it's gonna get down
gotta help me run my ways
bow step, put a dip in the pace
gotta go right to left
up and back
do it this way
face to face


Up in this party
You're across from me
And the dance floor is there in between us
You're stalling
Music's calling
Will you answer please
and save this dance for me?
Let's dance fast

[Chorus 2x]
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