Wooh Da Kid FMJ Lyrics

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[Verse 1:]
It's showtime, nigga cut the lights on
Big one's, bigger than a python
F.M.J. Wooh Da King don't play
Real talk, Wooh Da Kid 'bout gun play
I ain't playing with 'em, no letting up
B.S.M., we setting up
Hundred-thousand in my pocket right now
I don't mean sick when I say my check up
F.M.J., full metal jacket, Wooh Da Kid don't play
That's on O.J., everything over here a O.K.
Get money over here, yeah we keep it brackin'
I'm locked and loaded, full metal jacket

[Verse 2:]
This is kick door, put your hands up
[?] make a nigga stand up
Dropping shells, sit him right back down
Life form, you won't make no sound
Wooh Da, King a beast
Fucking up this chain, I don't need no leash
My boys say they hungry then my boys gon' eat
I can do it acapella, I don't need no beat
Put Southside on it, cross the line, get the whole southside on
B.S. on the B.S. get your T wet if a nigga think about my squad homie
F.M.J., D.J. Ace, Trapaholics don't play
I'm on my way, headed to the top with a fully loaded K

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