The Sainte Catherines FM Love Lyrics

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Fuck all the cars and highways fuck animal cruelty animal's are there for love not to serve your stupidity it's easy to say "You don't know if they suffer" even if they don't feel a tear in my eye How can we hope of peace in this world we love in when everyday you're eating flesh, blood and animal lives but you won't change your ways, years of conditioning I don't even blame you I just hope you'll realize - My 2 beat friends are gone forever I've cried so much- Yesterday the pain won't go away... came back late tonight like ever other night I don't hear your voice I won't hear it anymore the same smell of piss undisciplined like me you won't be replaced you'll love with me forever I remember everything all the fun that we had some people think it's funny but my best friend has left me friends are there forever but when they pass away no me won't be together I can't believe you left me...

Those Stars Are for You Track Listing
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  • 2 Look at the Moon
  • 3 Mosquitos Everywhere
  • 4 Please Drive By
  • 5 Thanx for the Couch
  • 6 Smile
  • 7 FM Love
  • 8 Powerless Power
  • 9 Bright Stars
  • 10 Acoustic #1
  • 11 Acoustic #2
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