Trik Turner Existence Lyrics

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Some suffer
Some thrive
Some live
Some die
Some love
Some hate
Some find nothing in common
Some relate
Some sin
Some are innocent
Some are good
Some are bad
All I want is to understand

All my life I've searched for answers
Why can't I know the reasons we live
Who is this god that we all worship
Or will we ever know

Some think, some drink, some sink into a hole they can't let go
Others bleed for their sins, some draw blood for them ends
Some steel, some deal, some peel off their skin and try to start again
The rest fiend, the rest still dream my heart pumps just to feel that cream
I'm elevated cross faded with a bag of tricks I'm in the mix since 96'
Shoot the facts and relax, we melt on wax, on top of the world is where we at
When I trip I slip, my cons got grip, to the left and to the right **** is tight
'Cause I'm an addict addicted to music
It's a habit you know I choose it

Scrape the pieces off the wall of my hate
Clean the slate but its far to late
I stitch my own skin you can't penetrate
Don't look back its all fate

Written by: David Bowers, Doug Moore, Sean Garden, Steve Faulkner, Tracy Thorstad
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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