AZ Exhibit Az Lyrics

It's coming, y'all know what it is
Almighty AZ, Brooklyn
Ladies and gentleman
It's time right now for a revolution

I'm zig zag zigging it
I know niggers digging it
Life so...
Mics no mimics, polite though militant
Real verse literate
I'm still on that tequila shit
Dews are gorilla with my...
Ventriloquist, hand of some twitterist
But never float on far land I'm not familiar with
Dig the dealer shit every year with the whip
Praying on that killer shit
For man as the deal is
Feed nail serious
In a bell my nigger Nick
Young realm the money mail still in the mix
Love a pretty chick
That's pretty no penny pitch
War kitty can do the daddy on the liquorish
On track meticulous
So deprived I could cry when I'm into this
Get different shit vocals over distant miss
Heavy verse is like the dough or some insulin
Crass with the ignorant
Floss that 40 K no smiles I'm infamous
Facing that corner shit
My chorus is more intense
Paying respects top the death out in port au print

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