Kelly Rowland Everytime You Walk Out That Door Lyrics

A table set for dinner only just for one
Staring at your empty chair
Remembering all the crazy laughs we shared
Last time you were sitting there

I can hear your voice still calling out my name,
And smell your scent upon the pillow next to me,
Imagining your kisses when I close my eyes,
But they don't replace you holding me??

Our house is not a home when I'm alone here
Summer turns to winter when you're gone
And all I see are clouds outside my window
Everytime you walk out that door?..

In the morning as I slowly wash my face
Feel you, sneaking up on me?
But my reflection staring tells me everything,
I'm alone, you're not really there


I'm not sayin that I just can't live without you
But my life is so much better with you here
You turn my dark into light and you make everything alright
But my side??.

Chorus x2

Written by: Damon Sharpe, Mark Feist
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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