Lamb of God Everything to Nothing Lyrics

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Then you wake
Another body bag, pathetic
Picture frame obituary faded in the attic
A shadow of someone you used to be
You've seen so many in these flames
And swore that you'd never become the clich�©
A long forgotten memory
And then you wake

Everything you ever wanted
Everything you never had
Everything learned, forgotten and dead
Everything turns to nothing

Another day, a little dirt for the grave
Is it worth everything that you gave
What a beautiful way to waste away
Consumed by dependency
A lesson in despondency
A long forgotten memory
And then you wake


And then you wake
How quickly the master
Turns into the slave
Slowly succumbing more
Every dying day


Written by: Chris Adler, David Randall Blythe, John Campbell, Mark Morton, Will Adler
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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