Randy Travis Everything That I Own (Has Got a Dent) Lyrics

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I'll drive around with the trunk tied down
With a bungee cord
Because I hoped a curb and backed into her
New boyfriends Ford

And down the hall
There's a hole in the wall that's hard to miss
It's about the size and shape of
my right busted fist

Everything I own has got a dent
It's cracked or scratched or rip or torn
Banged up or slightly bent
Why should my heart be any different
Everything that I own has got a dent

She used to say I'm a man that's way to hard on stuff
She let me know, that, that also goes for our love
I guess her hearts like that old dead gold fish that I forgot to feed
And mind like that dirt bike that I wrapped around that tree


Inside, hole in the back
Big piece of junk, ready for the trash
Better days gone
Heart just keeps on beating anyways


Can't find one thing that don't
Everything that I own has got a dent
Big old dent

Written by: Tony Martin, Mark Nesler
Lyrics © Walt Disney Music Company

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