Fury in the Slaughterhouse Everything I Did Lyrics

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It was the calm before the storm when we met
We've saved our lifes and lost our hearts instead
We've lost our consciousness
Lost everything we had
I thought I got you when I had you in my bed

Everything I did was wrong
And now you're gone
Everything I did was wrong
And now you're gone
And I was hoping, I was waiting,
I was calling out your name
And I was crying with your picture in the rain

I've told you fifty times a day that I love you
I knew you won't believe a word but it was true
I've lost my friends
And they all warned me cause they knew
That I was running deaf and blind into the blue

Everything I did was wrong...

Written by: Christian decker, christof stein-Schneider, gero drnek, kai-Uwe wingenfelder, rainer schumann, thorsten wingenfelder
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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