Crooked I Everyday Lyrics

Million Dollar $tory EP Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Everyday
  • 2 Villain
  • 3 OkBye
  • 4 G's Stay Low
  • How many times I gotta tell you niggas?
    I'm not like you!

    [Verse 1]
    I ain't never love a cop, they some arrogant devils
    Wanna bury me since birth, gave my parents a shovel
    Real niggas don't die, So they scared of the ghetto
    What's a puppet compared to Geppetto (hello)
    And you Uncle Tom niggas you nowhere on my level
    Rather talk to baby girl over there in the yellow
    I'mma tell her get naked but she can wear the stilettos
    Got a round jiggly ass but I ain't sharing my Jell-O
    It's an alien abduction, Put her in my spaceship
    Demeanour of a boss, I ain't gotta say shit
    I just wanna make it
    Get my new bitch a pair of Sarah Palin fake tits (you hear me?)
    I'm a Long Beach nigga, riding down Crenshaw
    Read my bumper sticker it say fuck Rush Limbaugh
    Got hood credit, the streets is my co-signer
    I talk shit like Mel Gibson, my ghostwriter

    I'm in the streets, tell me where you at
    Put a hundred killers in front of you, I could do that
    Me and you ain't the same, but you knew that
    If you don't give a fuck, throw your middle finger up
    Real niggas fuck with real niggas, everyday
    Live niggas fuck with live niggas, everyday
    Real bitches fuck with real bitches, everyday
    Live bitches fuck with live bitches, everyday

    [Verse 2]
    It's just me against the world, soldier on the mainline
    How can I be militant and ignorant at the same time
    I love liquor but I hate swine
    Blame it on the complexities of a great mind
    I think I'm stuck somewhere in between Malcolm X and Detroit Red
    Still chasing after d-boy bread
    And I'm hardcore
    Lay a snitch flatter than that cardboard
    Sitting underneath the spinning d-boy's head
    I keep a Glock, I be telling degenerates
    It'll eat you pussies quick as Ellen DeGeneres
    I mix drinks like a hell of a chemistist
    If you a bitch nigga, you forever my nemesis
    Killing youths on my itinerary
    Shouts out to Bun B and Chamillitary
    I'm a Nas Illmatic nigga, Jay Blueprint nigga
    Curtis Jackson with an opinion 52 cent nigga


    I don't live like you, I don't think like you do
    Mother fuckers say I'm crazy
    See I grew up in the hood where the cops try to kill a dude
    Ever since I was a baby
    And on top of all that these gangbang niggas tripping too
    I kept a loaded 380
    They tried to brainwash me with the curriculum in high school
    I never let them fools play me
    C.O.B. I got a religious career
    It's the Van Gogh flow, nigga lend me your ear
    Ain't no rally for the feminists, the women are here
    Pull your cock out quit living in fear
    Probably see a nigga chilling with a porn star
    Use her like the all star... in my 4 car
    In other words I only call her when I need help
    Give me brains while I buckle up my seatbelt
    That's when she told me she was Glen Beck's daughter
    Said she couldn't take a molested incest father
    Get it off your chest bench press harder
    I gave her a new name called her Princess slaughter
    Her dad's the devil, she a hottie still
    Made a mandingo like the way the human body feel
    Quick question, who embodies skills
    If you don't buy my shit I bet the Illuminati will nigga


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