Hate Plow Everybody Dies Lyrics

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Hatred, for you
Sealing, your fate
Craving, your pain
Extinguish, the human race

If you live and if you breathe, your allready against me
No remorse for who I kill, I love the psychotic thrill
Can't control the feeling inside, I want everyone to die
If you see me run away, or you're the next to die today

There are none who understand, how could this be a man
No emotions or reasoning, towards any living thing

Through my vision, everybody dies
It doesn't matter, your sex, religion or your race
Don't try reading, that **** doesn't work on me

Who will be the next, there are many targets left
No one will survive, pray to god that you are alive
You won't be for long, I'll be sure to prove you wrong
Soon everyone will die

Written by: Larry Hawke, Phil Fasciana
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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