Mario Winans Every Now And Then Lyrics

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every now and then i think about you babe
you are the only one who eva took out time
even though i know u had ur doubts baby
you would always let me know whats on your mind

(1)so i find myself rememberin your smile
girl you know that you drive me wild
said im waitin here 4 ur kiss
the way u loved me thats what i miss

(2)every now and then i think of how u made me feel
every now and then i think of how we were so real
i never wanted our love to ever have to end
so i think about you every now and then

every now and then i reminisce on times you stayed with me till the sun would rise
i can never 4get what we we had togetha
and how they say a true love never dies


when i hear a certain song im thinkin of u
baby when theres nothin goin on im thinkin of you
baby when the sun is goin down im thinkin of you
girl when theres no1 around im thinkin of u

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