Sara Haze Every Heart Lyrics

A summer sunburn
The smile you earned stumbles and falls
The lessons you've learned
Choices you've made
Your first heartbreak
Getting too old for the batman cape
Simpler times, wanting to fly
Mesmerized by Christmas lights
Holding out, giving in
All the what ifs and might have beens

Every heart has a story to tell
Some dreams have wings
Some are torn at the seams
And just sit there on the shelf
If you were to walk in my shoes
You would see we are all the same
So find the love inside yourself
Because every heart has a story to tell

A starburst rush, your first real crush
You're bit by a dog, a yellow school bus
Sweet sixteen, that concert you missed
Your best friend and your first kiss
Learning to fall and wanting it all
Believing in Santa clause
A letter you wrote
A promise you broke
Knowing when to say yes and when to say no

Every heart has a story to tell...

So far away life can take you
Never forget the hearts that shaped you

The love of your life
The fourth of July
The times that you laughed so hard you cried
The first day of ballet
Hardships you've faced
All the memories along the way
It's the love you lost, the love you made
Makes us who we are today

Every heart has a story to tell...

This is my heart, this is my story to tell
Every heart has a story to tell Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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