A Girl A Gun A Ghost Street Rat's Eyes Lyrics

Our fathers can hardly understand us anymore
Abandon your straightened thoughts
Forget the jewelers and their priceless songs

Can't you hear yourselves disappearing into the arms of mother/father?

Keep your immature pretensions, your love-affair affections to yourselves
Behind my back my elitist die has been cast down upon the unsuspecting masses
Forgive them, lord, for they know what they do

Are you going deaf?

I will bite off the hand that force-feeds me
Free me… Feed me

I walk silently past the ballroom the commotion
I don't know these dances, I am an Old Romantic
I sing the old songs, I bleed the old blood
Would you want to waltz with me?

Can't you hear me screaming until my throat is raw?
Until Hell freezes
My dead body will I let the Ravens reign down upon us
Always blinding with their refuse and shame

You'll have to pry their words from my cold dead lips

There's a storm-a-brewin', the smell is intoxicating
We're sick, so sick of this town
Raze it to the heavens
Burn it to the fucking ground

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