A Girl A Gun A Ghost Lizard in the Lights Lyrics

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All hail the Beauty Queen!
At the top of the heap, it's so pretty up there
Yellow veins in the clouds eliciting affairs
Burning holes in the pavement with her 1, 2 stilettos
Ruby red lips, and thigh-high innuendos
She speaks without care, there's paint everywhere…

This corpse is a cover girl
Lounging beside a gutter romance
She smells of skinny cigarettes and cheap perfume…
A vanity mirror's bloom
(A pollination dream)

All hail the Beauty Queen!
The sunset reflects off her tiara's rotting diamonds;
He stands over his prize with whitewash on his mind
The spider inside her has nowhere left to go
Together forever and no one has to know…

Where is my daughter, my little girl?
Her voice called the sun, and her eyes held the world
Why are you smiling, what have you done?
Where is my darling, where has she gone?

He cries aloud…

I am chaos. I am revolution. I am order. I am resolution
I am the Devil's face and hands, I swear I'm not killer, just a lonely man
I am chaos. I am revolution. I am order. I am resolution

Won't somebody please…

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