A Girl A Gun A Ghost The Best There Was Lyrics

When I was a young man
I was told the tale;
Star-crossed lovers' final stand
A butchered destiny has failed
This is the story
Straight from his ghostly mind
Of the love
The life
And the death he left behind...

A lonely tumbleweed creeps
And rolls down these blood-covered streets
I will exact revenge;
Will bring death to this place
This is my solemn vow;
I'll leave without a trace...

My shot rings out loud
Awakening the town
The man in black, she's in his grasp
Boy put that barrell down
Or you're all gonna die....
Unhand that gir, son, she's done nothing wrong
Those big doe eyes and bright red lips
Have got me won
Don't worry baby, their blood and makeup
Will be spilled soon all across this town...

I pull the Holy iron from the holster;
I see the greedy fire in his eyes as he gets bolder
This day would bring his death
He knows not who he threatens
I never will take my last breath;
Appointed by the heavens...

(You will not survive to see the night)

I cannot die, I am divine
Unhand the girl, her love is mine
His smile grows... Oh, God, he knows...
Her eyes get wider, the scene grows beside her
The town has gathered to watch the duel
The New Gemorrha has played me for a fool
I make my move; he's just as fast
I hear her cry, it is her last

I drop my guns, fall to my knees... You took her life. Take mine, please

I'll be back
Innocent blood is on your hands
Death cannot stop me;
My spirit will haunt this land

I rise;
Sacrifice has fullfilled my wish
The man in black stares;
He's scared...
So scared....

I'll have my revenge
These streets will run red.......

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