Lacrimas Profundere Eternal Sleep Lyrics

...and the Wings Embraced Us Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Snow
  • 2 Perfume of Withered Roses
  • 3 Amorous
  • 4 Eternal Sleep
  • 5 Autumn Morning
  • 6 Embracing Wings
  • I am the only one
    who understands me
    in my ebony dreams
    why can't I be just like them

    life is gone
    beautiful, suffering
    my eyes drown, in delusion

    my body paled and cold, let the
    silence bloom I never will arise
    in your arms again

    now, with her hand, she closed my eyes
    and gave me the last kiss, her tears drip
    in my pool of blood

    but, I've died with a
    smile, 'cause no one did really search the
    tenderness which sleeped in me, no

    why could I not feel the love which flows through
    all of our souls it was the fear that I never could fall in it

    but so I'm gone and no one can bring me back
    now shed tears what you on earth never did for me

    now, they weep on my grave
    weep they all just for me
    now, I'm sad about my mistake

    why can't I return to earth, why?
    there so many who loved me really
    o. pain

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