Evemaster Equinox Nocturne Lyrics

Lacrimae Mundi Track Listing
  • 1 Pandemonium
  • 2 Whispers
  • 3 Embraced
  • 4 Archways
  • 5 Lacrimae Mundi
  • 6 Epistelium
  • 7 Equinox Nocturne
  • Are surrounded by the enchanting woods of pine
    Oh thee O' Northstar let your pale light lead my path
    Through these ancient times these ancient lands...
    September's fire lick the woods
    Making the nature burn in majestic flames
    Oh' I embrace your infinite beauty
    The breathing forest that surrounds this path

    Standing on a hill looking down these lands O' so might
    Under the open skies, where emotions arise...
    The land O' so might!
    The land of thousand lakes!
    The land of bravehearted men!

    Deep eye of earth full of tears
    I look into you and see the reflection
    Of a mortal crowned with leaves and surrounding trees
    Old spirits of the earth having the feast of autumn
    There shall no mortal repose but stand enthralled by the beauty of immortal joy...

    The yearning for immortal life thrives me forth to my Eden
    Your eyes still full of tears enchanting me
    giving me the reason to go on, to go on to greet the paradise lost
    Snow falls from darkened skies as I wander deeper in the woods...

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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