E-40 & Too $hort Entrepreneur Lyrics

History: Function Music Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 This Shit Pound
  • 2 Slide Through
  • 3 Smoke That Shit
  • 4 Let's Have a Party
  • 5 Dump Truck
  • 6 Singles
  • 7 Entrepreneur
  • 8 Bout My Money
  • 9 Say I
  • 10 Workin' the Trunk
  • 11 West Coast Shit
  • 12 One Foot
  • 13 Check That Bitch
  • 14 Everyday
  • 15 Lemme See You Twerk
  • 16 Toasted
  • 17 Cali
  • [CHORUS]
    I got a plug on the white, a bitch sellin pussy
    My partner got DVDs and hood movies
    I can get the J's before they come to the store
    Bitch, I'm a entrepreneur

    [VERSE 1: E-40]
    He was born with spitt'ms
    The gift of gab, izm
    Mattress on the floor, borderline poor
    Who woulda thought he'd be a entrepreneur?
    He used to always say his blessings
    Liked to ask a lotta questions
    Look like a square but he got a lotta street knowledge
    Hung around addicts, gangsters and alcoholics
    When he first started off
    A young intern, but a soon-to-be boss
    Found himself, cause he used to be lost
    Cooler than fan belt, cold like a cough
    Dottin his i's and crossin his t's he be poppin his p's
    Internationally known in the States and all overseas
    He be [?] or pushin bags of blow
    He got 'em wonderin what he do like Tommy from Martin show


    [VERSE 2: Too $hort]
    They lock niggas up all over the land
    Now we affiliated to county jails and pens
    Get anything you want, just like that
    I'm tryina get some money, I ain't tryina go back
    Gotta stay on the street, keep the fam straight
    It's hundreds to get, grands to make
    Stackin for a whip, waitin to get
    Paint and rims, then lift that bitch
    28's, I'ma ride real big
    Choppin up game with my real nig
    I know it's hell bein broke
    But you gotta stop sellin that coke
    Sooner or later, can't do it forever
    Need a new hustle, still gettin that cheddar
    Mo' paper, less penitentiary chance
    All you need is a business plan


    [Too $hort]
    Where they at?
    Shout-out to the money makers
    (To the money makers)
    If you a hustler
    (What about 'em?)
    Then you a entrepreneur
    (A entrepreneur)
    That's written, mane
    Scared money don't make no money
    Invest in yourself, mane
    Ya understand me?
    It's a lotta opportunities out there, mane
    Ya got your health and your life and your strength, mane
    Go get it, breh

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