Redman feat. Method Man , Saukrates & Streetlife Enjoy da Ride Lyrics

Malpractice Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Roller Coaster Malpractice (intro)
  • 2 Diggy Doc
  • 3 Lick a Shot
  • 4 Let's Get Dirty (I Can't Get in da club)
  • 5 WKYA (Drop)
  • 6 2-Way Madness (skit)
  • 7 Real Niggaz
  • 8 Uh-Huh
  • 9 Da Bullshit
  • 10 Who Wants to Fuck a Millionaire (skit)
  • 11 Enjoy da Ride
  • 12 Jerry Swinger Stickup (skit)
  • 13 J.U.M.P.
  • 14 Muh-Fucka
  • 15 Bricks Two
  • 16 Wrong 4 Dat
  • 17 Judge Juniqua (skit)
  • 18 Dat Bitch
  • 19 Doggz II
  • 20 Whut I'Ma Do Now
  • 21 Soopaman Luva 5, Part I
  • 22 Soopaman Luva 5, Part II
  • 23 Smash Sumthin'
  • [Streetlife]
    Yo, I know the streets is watchin'
    Dirty date *****s caught blockin' or glockin'
    Waitin' for my down four street got options
    **** why'all, why'all can ball, I'm'a stay rockin'
    All emcee's falled when I heard the albums droppin'
    Nuttin but the hottest hip-hop rap concoction
    Rap's in a state of emergency, it's shockin'
    I produce joints that loosen up the socket
    Crowd surf through the mosh pit on some rock ****
    Bang your head to this, pump your fist if your feelin' it
    Ride the **** out, bust a clip for the **** of it
    This is as good as it get, who you rollin' with? (You)
    Who the ultimate? (Wu)
    Stay committed, sold my soul to this rap ****
    Slow your roll, strike a bowl, you get glapped quick
    I roll with, ghetto bastard with biscuits
    And grab my **** and flick it, get the picture

    Yo, Yo, Yo, I cop a new Benz, crash the front
    So hard the airbags use nasal pumps
    Jump out, **** the shoti (Rasie em up)
    I stomp holes if the ground ain't paved enough
    Inform the former the first step was a warm-up
    The next step'll bomb on where your car alarm was
    Chikens that'll run in, burn the barn up
    Shots'll tear Sean John and Phat Farm up
    I never gotta Soul Train award
    Never lost to emcee's as lame as why'all
    Never, trick a ***** car payment off
    I'm a orangatang when the chain is off
    *****, ecentric and I slowly blast with a axe, and a pump, and a goalie mask
    Leavin' stains of blood on your Rolie Glass
    When I'm in your hood ***** throw me bags

    [Method Man]
    Lets trick the night fantastic
    I'm flexable, they used to call me plastic
    These big butt *****es get they *** kicked
    It is what it is, shittin' on why'all kids
    Couldn't live where we live
    I can't be defeated like nobody used to wizz
    Like, when daddy's home can't nobody beat the kids
    Right? You know the clan and you know the ****in' man
    Meth rock a mic without a kickstand
    Two blunts, and razors in his wristband
    Slap you and your ***** man
    Lookin' in your lobby, call me stick-man
    When it's goin' down, call me quicksand
    Zero to sixty in a second, pack a Smith & Weston
    And if the price is right, you can be the next contestant
    For this aggression, no question, M-E to the F it be flexin'
    As hard as my erection, kid learn your lesson
    'cause what if I decide to start testin' the joint in the mutha****in session?

    Let a ***** get into it
    Lubricate why'all veins with your "Do-It" fluid
    I Einstein these rymes, spit these thangs to prove it
    Cross with the mac, in fact my games are truest
    Now I'm on the highway, doing it my way
    With Street the legal, Meth, Roc, and Doc friday
    Performin' like the weather was warm
    And drop heat on the streets through zero degree storms
    And keep the ghetto, pop your metal
    Smoke it like a cigarette till ya optic yellow
    The addiction, ain't no friction
    I got them rap heads fillin' out a prescription
    With diciton, they in thick, when I put fire to the stakes
    And burn the arch, like a iron to your face
    These long hard years spent Oxy-Cleanin' - make it clear
    Look out! Big 'Sauks is here, hit the button

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