Cher Lloyd End Up Here Lyrics

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Boy I was watching you move
Sorta checking you out
Love what you do boy we oughta paint the town
You can watch me get to it double roll and lean
Make up your mind if you like it what you see
Don't' want no flowers, don't buy me no gifts
I need somebody who can take hear this
I'm loving what you do cause I know you do it well
You got the game real smarter I can tell

Please don't play baby you do games
Let's start to put out your play
I I I I don't share a tear
And I I I I didn't wanna end up here
Could you get me that dress
Could you go right round
Give me that stuff wanna make you wanna get down
I I I I didn't wanna end up here

Yeah I went through your phone I didn't like what I seen
You promised you'll be true your man you fooled out me
My friends warned me that I waste my time
I saw your true heart is almost lost my mind
Looks like you do the same to all your other girls
Except you bought them flowers and you bought me pearls
When you're going up tonight I know you see her in
So you're pictured together so now you're kissing all your friends


'Cause I don't' need right now
With all of most sippin through your hands
Now my heart is broken
I'm moving on yeah yeah
I'm moving on yeah yeah
I'm moving on yeah yeah


Written by: Cher Lloyd, Ronald Jackson
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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