Nightrage Encircle Lyrics

A New Disease Is Born Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Spiral
  • 2 Reconcile
  • 3 Death-Like Silence
  • 4 A Condemned Club
  • 5 Scars
  • 6 De-Fame
  • 7 Scathing
  • 8 Surge of Pity
  • 9 Encircle
  • 10 Drone
  • 11 Spiritual Impulse
  • 12 A New Disease Is Born
  • 13 Ostentatious
  • Let me go, Let me break this wall,
    Let me build me up again,
    My inner generation strikes me
    With mechanical signals.

    Broken sound encircle
    This inhuman behavior.
    An imaginary world you say?
    Still my fate is lead by this deviate game.

    Circulating the scene
    For the very last time,
    Finding nothing.
    Am I forever?
    Creating my ways.

    You are creating my ways.
    Gathering the lies
    And applying the form.
    I let it dwell, this is the past,
    And now let me lead the future.

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