H-Town Emotions Lyrics

Beggin' After Dark Track Listing
  • 1 H-Town Intro '94
  • 2 Sex Bowl
  • 3 One Night Gigolo
  • 4 Prelude to Emotion
  • 5 Emotions
  • 6 Cruisin' Fo' Honeys
  • 7 Full Time
  • 8 1-900-Call Gi
  • 9 Tumble & Rumble
  • 10 Much Feelin' (And It Tastes Great)
  • 11 Beggin' After Dark
  • 12 Indo Love
  • 13 Back Seat (Wit No Sheets)
  • 14 Buss One
  • 15 Baby I Love Ya
  • 16 Sticky Lee Presley
  • 17 Rockit Steady
  • 18 The Last Record
  • (CHORUS):
    Emotions make you cry sometimes
    Emotions make you sad sometimes
    Emotions make you glad sometimes
    But most of all they make you fall in love.

    The first time I felt emotions
    Is when I came out my mothers womb
    I cried, and at the age of five
    The first time I found my pride
    And when I turned ten I began to like a friend All things deal with emotions from you until the end, oh


    At the age of eleven
    I learned about things like god and heaven
    And when I turned thirteen
    The first time I had a freaky dream
    And now that I'm nineteen
    I know that I'm ready
    I know that I'm so in love.... soooo in love yeah
    {So may go through emotions sometimes)
    (And even have some ups in downs)
    (But I know one thing for sure)
    (You're gonna fall in love}
    Make you fall in love.....
    Uhhh come on baby, uhh come on suga
    Emotions make you fall.......
    ahh suga baby, oh baby, I tell you, I tell, Its all about emotions, all about emotions


    Come on baby, come on sugar
    Say alright alright alright alright
    Say alright alright alright alright
    I know its alright yeah
    Said they make you fall in love.....

    Written by: Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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