Sundown Emotional Lyrics

Design 19 Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Aluminum
  • 2 19
  • 3 Judgement Ground
  • 4 Voyager
  • 5 Synergy
  • 6 As Time Burns
  • 7 Don’t Like to Live Today
  • 8 Slither
  • 9 Emotional
  • 10 112/Ghost in the Machine
  • hold on - time to deliver
    that stare sends shivers down my spine
    hold tight - 'cause now it's coming
    that sweet taste for which i'm longing
    lower - slower - come the time
    in black devoured now
    red sheets and a crimson sea
    tried so hard to keep the razors away from me
    and the blade won't bite
    so let's die tonight
    let's close our eyes and make everything alright
    - tonight
    hurts now - the fever's burning
    close my eyes - the clock is turning back
    ease now - slipping further
    concentrate - let's take a minute to think about this
    sharp edges and silk soft tissue
    don't care about answers
    'cause what's the issue now
    right or wrong - stand or fall
    - just the right time to get emotional Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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