Mya Emotional Lyrics

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Verse 1 mya
Almost had encounter
With third kind
Cause he wasn't listen
We fight and fuss eveytime
We invited guess you to be on me
You better it slow down
If you nasty and you nothin to say to me
If you forget about me
I'm one put those it was my money who buy those for you watch, ike you be ballin if it me who hold it my heart who love you no women can live for you, only you see this me only you see it emotional

Now you to get through
Will your heart let you through man I recall who need who you you comeback like sick I get through you put me down my heart is strong than you think always pamine with mind my head smart think you think boy so I got to pick up cause you won't my emotional you play with baby emotion nal.............. nal..................nal..............nal.............

Stop right there I had enough of your lie why you got lies it promise that you keep I keep movin on emotional so don't force I know it sad tryin keep my sanity but you won't let up emotional I keep on trying with you until I die emotional who got me no think you can no better emotional

Emotional whatt I'm tell you why got over tried deal with the stress yes come foryoy yes came for you no think you van no better I put all emtional into I don't know what I see thought I was first I keep on walking
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