Ransom Emerald City Lyrics

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They say I got a long way to go
Last year was the year that we almost made it though
Just sometimes I get that feeling that it’s ‘83
I be feelin like Jordan before he made it pro
Yea, go ahead nigga hate on me
Tell me I’ll never make it, nigga say it slow
But I ain’t trippin bout anything yall say to me
‘Cause yall know what happens in ‘84
And I’ll be there for closure for women I thought I thought I never would get over
Drunk off of love, I never thought I’d get sober
Sorta like when I lost mellow and Mona
I can’t front, yo I really thought it was over
But then that nigga came back and that nigga made that
Rich we knew way bout this man, is they find they way back
She loves, she’ll never find a nigga like me
If it wasn’t for me I wonder where the fuck you might be
In the club, I be going in my bud, it’s so deep
That these waiters need they numbers on receipts like sweet
Keep the change like she bout to hit a nice 3
Kansas boy, prome 6, 17, life’s sweet
I ain’t change up since
I’m still coming through with them west side niggas that I came up with
You’ll never touch this money so they hate on it
And by the time you realize, you’ll be too late on it
Dog, it’s who you are
Well realize that I was always just a winner
I was just in my disguise
I knew you’d put astonish, but I’d love to see you try
I get slowly realized and I can see it in your eyes
In the dig you don’t it
Nigga don’t even lie
‘Cause I can see the animosity that’s building up inside
They say we must be dealing every time they see the riot
Girls might get away home, I just be chilling up inside
Balling with rappers that I looked up to since I was 5
While you just over there starin like you really that surprised?
Nigga I’mma be a legend
So if next year I don’t make a freshman
When I finally get it I won’t accept it
Cool, no question

I’ve been treated like old news, niggas just won’t lose
They say I’m so crude and barbaric on pro tours
I hear it, they flow cool, I ain’t really impressed
Have yet they had something that I can feel in my chest
Let’s put these feelings to rest
The scent of a murder, still on my breath
I gave the order, let’s blaze in quarter
Harlem nights, these shades of Porter became a martyr
Hate my father so tell me, how could I raise a daughter?
I came in slaughter, downers and shit talkers
Dancing over they grave, they callin us crypt walkers
I spit torch em, them clips spark up
But still I dropped a couple jewels that’s precious like Miss Parker
Excuse me, is this how the story is told
Exceptional delivery with this glorious flow
I spit that 40 below, all gold everything
But just because it glitters my nigga, don’t mean it’s gold
Like you ain’t now, all flash without substance
It’s been a minute since I made some cash without hustling
What’s rap without suffering, think it’s out of the question
These niggas getting deals, that solely all for perception
Fuck it, call it deception, these labels got no direction
Well let the realest nigga that’s rappin teach em a lesson
I ain’t change up shit, I’m still comin through with some real live niggas that I came up with
Get yo chain tuck quick, fuck a stain blood drips
Know that dumb hood shit, I remain on it
Yea, niggas know the story
I am pushing 40 but I’ve been to hell and back
Selling crack, pay me glory

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