Pain Teens Embers and Ashes Lyrics

Beast of Dreams Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Swimming
  • 2 Manouche
  • 3 Coral Kiss
  • 4 Accusing Eyes
  • 5 Swamp
  • 6 Embers and Ashes
  • 7 Voluptus
  • 8 Moonray
  • 9 Frigid Idol
  • 10 Skids
  • 11 The Sweet Sickness
  • 12 Invitation
  • are all that remains of a fire that burned
    beyond my control
    Embers and ashes, softened by tears
    A bitter reminder of the leaping flames
    in the depths of my soul
    Embers and ashes, a token sacrifice
    A visitation and leave-taking
    A silent demand
    Embers and ashes, irrational longing
    for just belonging
    to someone I don't understand
    Embers and ashes, transparent schemes
    Haunting dreams recur to hide my way
    to guide my way
    Embers and ashes, a book of sighs
    A volume of highs, gone in a day
    Embers and ashes, drift into the past
    Float on a breeze, just out of my grasp
    Embers and ashes stain my bed
    Nobody's dreams were fit to claim
    Your face stains my every dream
    Only the embers and ashes remain

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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