American Music Club Elbow Deep Lyrics

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Was once a sun in my own day
I really came around the bend today
Praise the breeze
Blew me away

Never was content, never was blue
Happy to be the shadow
On the wall in your room

Now I'm elbow deep in you
I can't believe the things I do, no

The gift that you gave me
With me sailed away
Now fills my lungs with every breath I take

It's just the afterburn of love
That's just the afterburn of love
Still it's you I'm thinking of

Hello Amsterdam Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Hello Amsterdam
  • 2 I Just Took My Two Sleeping Pills and Now I'm Like a Bridegroom Standing at the Alter
  • 3 The President's Test for Physical Fitness
  • 4 On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
  • 5 The Thorn in My Side Is Gone (alternate version)
  • 6 Elbow Deep
  • Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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