Kathy Mar Edward Lyrics

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(based on the movie Edward Scissorhands)

Cthing D7sus4 Dm
Chorus: Edward, I am dancing in your snow
G Am
Even though you cannot see me tonight
Dm Bb
As the light and fragile crystals
D7sus4 G
Touch the lines upon my face
D7sus4 G
And melt among the tears
D7sus4 G
I'm dancing here for you
D7sus4 G
In spite of all my fears
Dm G Gstuff G
The love has seen me through
Cthing other-chord
I am dancing here for you

You were a hollow look
With horror in your hands
You were a magic mind
With art at your command
You were an innocent
With all the lessons still to learn
You went away from me
D7sus4 G Gthing
I know you never can return

You wore your cookie heart
Upon your sleeve for me
I started trembling when
You finally let me see
You were a shining knight
With gentle soul and flashing steel
Until that winter night
When only rage was left to feel

And in my mind tonight
I see you climb the stair
I see your scissor-hands
Caress the ice with care
And as the crystal fragments
Melt upon the midnight skies
I'm dancing once again
With teardrops in my eyes

Words and music: Kathy Mar

Copyright 1994 Kathy Mar