Elysium Eclipse Lyrics

Eclipse Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Welcome Millenium
  • 2 Solar Spectacle
  • 3 Timebomb
  • 4 In Memorium
  • 5 Virgin Suicide
  • 6 Eclipse
  • 7 Youth Is Forgotten
  • 8 Elysium
  • from the ashes of burning dogmas
    on eighth day we've created hate
    venomous reptiles - in terror we trust

    clandestine dynasties in silence await
    hidden structures, engines of control
    conspiracy governments
    subversive tactics, deconstruct the truth

    enemise of the west
    desert legions arrive
    apocalypse comes silently
    dogs of god lead march to war

    nevermore to serve despot
    dethrone the old crowned man
    foul stench of burning heavens
    exiled archangels
    at the golden gates of eden
    ex oriente lux
    new age harvest - cruel work
    invisible inquisition triumph

    blind disciples shall be rewarded
    starving hordes of nomads ride
    religious cleansing holocaust
    onwards first crusade against the god

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