Vertical Horizon Echo Lyrics

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We come and we go
No, I don't want to be just another

Everywhere I go
Something that I really need
Everyone I know
Someone that i want to be.

Even though,
I don't really know
I better pick it up
Before I let it slip away
I better stick it out
Before I take another day.

Into now
Every word I say, fades out.


Can only open up your eyes
When the clouds break
Can only feel alive
Even though the world shakes.

Every night
You're in my quiet, sateen, light.
Can I hold you close
To a rather full moon kiss.

Everything I know
I don't even know who it is

It all falls through
I'm here and I hear you.


Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
'Cause I need to, just to reach you
Can you hear me?
Coming clearly?
Am I hollow?
Just an echo?


(Do you hear me?) We come and we go
(Hello?) No, I don't want to be just another
(Do you hear me?)Echo

It's just another day
And every single word I say, fades out.

Written by: Matt Scannell, Matthew B. Scannell
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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