Raventhrone Eaters of the Dead Lyrics

the midnight sun above the ruins
darkness drapes the land
a peaceful scene in the dark of night
the carnival of souls

far away lands of kings and queens
in peril they now are
a messenger sent to seek the brave
to free the land enslaved...
a violent creature in the mountain dwells
and preys on the child of man
the eaters of the dead they are
a dread from ancient times
fear the dark and the mist it brings
from the hillsides roars are heard
a battle rages to slay the beats
a fight to free the land

on nightfall of the 7th day
battle cries were heard
broken bodies the price they pay
for a battle fought and won

a broken beast lies conquered now
as a land is freed at last
a tyrant's rule now torn apart
as the grendel's body breaks


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