UltraLaser Eat The Worm With Your Butt Lyrics

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Me and the hoes in New Junk City,
Gettin friction burn from fuckin on they titties,
All these crows be tuggin on my worm,
Tugg too hard and they gonna get my sperm,

Suit so tight it's got the bitches drippin', it's a
Coochy waterfall when this head gets whippin,
Launch a cow in to the sky,
Stretch yo grundle six feet wide,

Bitches screamin, axe wounds creamin,
All these holes my earthworms reamin',
Where is Princess What's-Her-Name,
Got me sprung I done be sprang,

Snot beast bouncin on a bungee cord,

Hoes in line just waitin to be gored,

Aquaman, harpoon for a hand,

Lorenzen's Soil got me shootin at the sand,

When we bang, bitches say ayow,
Bang ayow bang ayow,
Putcho tang on mah dick raht nayow,
When? nayow, when? nayow

Psycrow throws pups out the window,
Rock this shit on Super Nintindo,
Pete's my dawg, you know-e-be pillin,
Purple roid rage now his fists I'm fillin,

Evil the Cat mutha fucka neva dies,
Shot him in the face bout 69 times,
Climbin on the chain, here comes fi fi,
Gnawin on my ass, suckin out my feces,

Earthworm Jim,
Throwin my weiner right between your butt skin,
Eat it with your butt,
Eat the worm with yer butt,
Eat eat the worm with your butt butt butt,
I got a worm that's just for you,
If you're bored here's something to do,
Eat the worm with yer butt,
Eat eat the worm with your butt butt butt,

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