Fury in the Slaughterhouse Easy Way Lyrics

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And our good old earth Is breaking into pieces
Dreaming of rebirth It stumbles into a lapdance bar

Cheerio we say : we live our life the easy way
Cheerio We say: We live our life the easy way

But the world is broke no dollar bills to please girls can«t afford a coke the bouncer kicks it out into the night

Cheerio Today We drink as much as we can pay
Cheerio We say : We live our life the easy way
Nimby Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Welcome to the Other World
  • 2 V.I.P.
  • 3 Goodbye So Long
  • 4 Protection
  • 5 Candle in Your Window
  • 6 Warchild
  • 7 Easy Way
  • 8 Guardian Angel
  • 9 Heroine of the Flowers
  • 10 Three Little Piggies
  • 11 Out of Phase
  • 12 Cigarette After
  • 13 When a Kid Gets a Kid
  • 14 Creep No. 2
  • 15 One Chord Reggae (Do You)
  • 16 Starless

  • Written by: Christian decker, christof stein-Schneider, gero drnek, kai-Uwe wingenfelder, rainer schumann, thorsten wingenfelder
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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