King Louie Eastside Shit Lyrics

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My name is Louie but they call me Tony
My name is Louie but they call me Tony
My name is Louie but they call me Tony
My name is Louie but they call me Tony
Look at the pocket, see I ain't got no money
Smoking and pray for you honey
Fucking with '
Eastside shit, fuck all it '
Eastside shit
Smoke all with the killers '
My nigga is drillers
The dirty money to the '
I do that for the business
The bitch will be bad, the '
Sleep, this is irrelevant '
'so they want me on the '
' a couple times just to make '
Me and Louie in the 'in the stash
Pull up on the block and if you want we can put his ass
Smoking dope but the killers don't know '
'for your'
Me and bro in the kitchen for 'only blow on his'
When we roll on the nigga '.don't blow a surveillance
Now we smoking and chilling'now I dose all my '
No balling, no pimping I just say the 'was a misery
All this 'that got all the '
Cook '.fucking and kill all my pressure
They like what they did to the young women
That cross the street'
Fuck all the bitches, fuck the bitch nigga
It's that for my niggas?
Most of my niggas crock out the killers
Bitch I'mma get this
I know that feeling 'can reproduce the system
I don't trust the niggas
See, money don't talk now, he might be snitching
He feel all this 'run in the 'for feeling the '
'.it's left on the '
Show no love for no bicth
She can get from me 'another '
We just fuck we don't care
We bust on the 'how to get it
I don't love this bitches
All the whore just want all my money
Pull money on the nigga hand
'.by money
Way a nigga in America do not chill out in London
Be a nigga in a club'like it's '
I pay or so much'
They can be going through houses
You gotta get down when it stopping
Most of this niggas be bluffing
This nigga ain't getting no money
You ride to this 'like he's stacking
We fucking, he just gonna get trouble
I know he was bluffing
You don't got no money
You pay us in drugs then
You don't got the dogs, you don't got the money
We'll take all this ...then

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