Cypress Hill Dust Lyrics

When people stare at the scene like a machine of the team
Looking for theme between cracks searching for cream
Physical image can never be lost
Never be cleverly read or took on into the search of your own
Suckers are looking for treasures and pleasures endeavors images of plastic
Material whenever your ready your steady rolling with deadly and friendly
Territorial glorious story you've heard nothing but bull for me
Coming from ghetto the g�?�¼ero the heart in the metal
Settle for gas as we passing you fast in the pedal
Head to the floor and the horror is starting to pour
Everything I just threatened your blood you can't take it no more
Why did you try to forget it I said it to **** OFF!!
Now you'll be headed said I'm making you try to do laws
That's what you get for faking it hot and no more
Living I'm sucker I'm pushing the bomb.

Do what you want do what you need the hardcore
Breaking the law the new seed yes they want more
Cypress Hill Soul ***assins we smoking 420 all day
We ain't joking serve it up oh yes and the hard stuff
Excess of the zes make it sound right beat it up all you want
It's a damn right get up in my way I'll cross your *** like dust.

? is loaded with snakes serpents who come and they take
Pieces of those who they break bodies are found in the lake
Only the victims its pass you thought that you gonna last
Pockets all over the cash now that you're actually grass
High kids taking and sliping away
Look at you tricking and sipping its clicking the trigger
And so is your place
Only the strong will survive hoping to keep 'em alive
I'll never be denied watch on who you can find
People around and they're proud looking for those
Who obye dying like these killas defy so I keep up the withdrawal
Join ****ing with the pace your just a waste in my face
Hit you in base in your case if all you want is a taste
Even the lemo the rebel bringing the metal in temple
So many rebels incredible time we battle
Looking for action don't judge us avenge us redempt us
Don't give me negligence your all though in time no revenges


Under the heavens we representing directions of flesh and feeling the heat
The tension now dissin' we stressin'
Life is a battle to the cattle you gonna die
Just how that'll just suffer your glad you built up your high
And go up the chain the pages keep turning and burning
The rage is concerning the day is becoming disarming
Searching for harmony you wanna be balling me
But you never get no where cause I'm killing your whole philosophy
Robbing like temperature I signal your flow when we just clowning
Just tell me just pass me watch me I'm truly tampering y'all
Must be simple delinquent to try to get what the sick is
So leave the hard is to limp it and only the thrill will we get it?
I'm an ***assin of soul out of control when I roll
You better hide in your hole I got your name on my skull
There ain't no running from me ***assin of hunees you see
Blasting at those who obye blasting at last at the weak!


Written by: Andres Alejandro Saenz Cantu, Antulio Espinosa Gonzalez, Benito A Martinez De La Garza, George Andrew Fleming, Steve Winwood
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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