Dolly Parton Dump And Dude Lyrics

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He's got you cryin' oh he's done it again he's made a date and he didn't show
You know he's done this to you so many times when you gonna let him go
He doesn't treat you like a lover should he could be so downright cruel
Can't understand why you're hanging with him girl don't you be a fool

Go on and dump the dude you know he's got a rotten attitude
He always leaves you in a crying mood
Take my advice don't you think twice
Listen to what I'm telling you go on and dump the dude

You know that we've been friends for so many years
And I've never ever seen you this way
So torn apart how he gets to your heart with all the little games that he plays
Just give him up and let him out of your life promise me that once and for all
You're gonna tell him that it's over and done the very next time he calls

Ain't you now dump the dude...
[ sax ]
I don't know why you'd want to settle for less when you could have so much more
You know that you deserve only the best so what are you waitin' for

Go on and dump the dude...
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