Compton’s Most Wanted Duck Sick II Lyrics

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Mmmm, I'm back for the payback, black.
Ready to attack, so to your jaw I start to mack.
Its the muther****ing Compton psycho.
So suckers who be sounding so wack, don't try to bite, yo.
You'll play the ***** and I'll play the pimp.
Then I'll be pimping your *** to make money real fast.
Cause to the homies you just don't hit.
Can't get juice with that doo-wap pop ****.
Geah *****, I just won't quit.
My rap is bomb *** chronic, 10 dollars a hit.
Try to diss fool and I'll shut you down.
Put on a big nose fool cause its time to clown.
So now I gots to break my muther****ing foot off
in your *** because you came back too soft.
They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
Well this trick is new, its the duck sick 2.

Now watch me **** up your program.
And you'll be saying 'damn i lost my luck.'
Now your *** is stuck, muther****er.
By the Compton gangsta of rap. Raised in the hood.
Always up to no good.
I need to peel a cap, so I kill some
Poor unfortunate fool with the nine gun.
You come fake, **** with Eiht, you gots no clout.
Keep talking **** as I buss your ****ing mouth.
Now fool what kinda move was that?
I see your quick to talk ****, yeah boy I'm quick to pull the gatt.
Claiming my city, oh what a pity.
And the way you shout out just sounds shitty.
So *****, slow your muther****ing roll.
**** you with a pole, with the rhymes you stole.
So gather up your homies, him him and him and you.
Geah, its the duck sick 2.

I don't believe it, another muther****er
on the rap shelf done ****ed hisself.
Just squeezed in like a *****.
I guess that's why he raps with a high pitch.
I just can't figure,
How the punk ever think he could **** this *****.
Your short, shorter than short, sorry punk.
Still blast that *** when the Ides got me drunk.
Just keep getting it, don't stop sucking
too soon punk or Eiht'll start ****ing.
Your weak old **** that won't last.
You won't hang as I slap your ***** ***.
So get ready, cause its your muther****ing calling.
You and your wack *** crews 'll start falling.
Geah drop your knees, because we ain't through.
Get a grip, do it quick, the muther****ing duck sick 2.

We outta here.

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