Arab Strap Driving Lyrics

I was awake, I overheard your speech, my ego dried and sank.
Talked with your ex and we agreed thoughts of your sister helped us wank.
I'm sure you know that I have fancied her since she began high school.
But park here now and I will promise, I will let your engine cool.
I have matured, I've come of age, my visions clear.
But there's still some things that I don't want to hear.
And I know that it was probably just those E's.
But be a bit more thoughtful next time, please.
While I'm alive, well I just drive. Each time I've scored, I just got bored.
There's no 'but', I am just a slut.

Written by: Aidan Moffat, Malcolm Middleton
Lyrics © Domino Publishing

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