Behemoth Driven by the Five-Winged Star Lyrics

Pandemonic Incantations Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Diableria (The Great Introduction)
  • 2 The Thousand Plagues I Witness
  • 3 Satan's Sword (I Have Become)
  • 4 In Thy Pandemaeternum
  • 5 Driven by the Five-Winged Star
  • 6 The Past Is Like a Funeral
  • 7 The Entrance to the Spheres of Mars
  • 8 Chwała mordercom Wojciecha (997-1997 dziesięć wieków hańby)
  • 9 [silence]
  • 66 [untitled]
  • Lover of my unwedden night
    In blasphemy we bathe our unclean bodies
    We find adoration in the filthy procreation
    His will is our devotion
    Giving in to the knight of the remote star
    Falling in love with the darkest tormentor
    The basic instinct, the obscurity of my soul
    We hide our secrets damnedly deep
    And these are the key to the sempimental glory
    To the harmony of body and soul
    Immortality, spiritual ecstasy and diableria
    Sister of sin
    When rich and when poor
    On my way to the throne
    Lay bare on your gems
    The nest of filth (and licentiousness)
    Of am I drinking your sweetest juices
    The poison in the wine of asceticism
    Down am I sitting om the fathers right side
    And with his benediction
    I am opening the Pandora's box.

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