Annihilator Drive Lyrics

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Drive, I'm gonna do what I want
And I don't care about the rest
And if I fall, I will get up
I will deliver my best

This can be a lonely road
But it's what I choose
The pain and the sacrifice
I've nothing to loose

I'm alright, I'm okay,
I'll survive another day
I'm alright, go away,
Can't you hear the words I say [x2]

Nothing but madness, no one to talk to
feeling like you are alone
fearing the failure and bearing the weight
dealing with it all on your own

You tell me I can't, but I'm not listening
It doesn't matter what you say
Try, if you want, to change my destiny
I'll get there someday


Sometimes I think, I'm going under
Don't know if I can take no more
But then I turn the fear to hunger
I'll turn this battle into war [x2]

Faster, I'm gaining momentum
I'm getting closer to my goal
Nothing can stop me or get in my way
I'm in complete control

Failure, no longer an option
Past the point of no return
Nothing comes easy and nothing is free
Success, you earn

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