Waylon Jennings Drinkin' and Dreamin' Lyrics

Turn The Page Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 The Devil's on the Loose
  • 2 You Showed Me Somethin' About Lovin'
  • 3 Good Morning John
  • 4 The Broken Promise Land
  • 5 Don't Bring It Around Anymore
  • 6 Rhiannon
  • 7 Drinkin' and Dreamin'
  • 8 As Far as the Eye Can See
  • 9 Turn the Page
  • 10 Those Kind of Memories
  • Everybody's looking for someway in
    I'm looking for someway out
    I've been wasting my time, standing in line
    If this is what it's all about

    All I've got is a job that I don't like
    And a woman that don't understand
    So tonight in the bar, I'll get in my car
    And take off for the promise land

    Drinkin' and dreamin', knowing damn well I can't go
    I'll never see Texas, L.A., or ol' Mexico
    But here at this table, I'm able to leave it behind
    Drink till I'm dreaming a thousand miles out of my mind

    This suit and this tie is just a disguise
    This ain't really me
    Some people were born to be tied down
    Some people were born to be free

    When I look down the road she don't know
    How it gets under my skin
    She's got my body but my heart and soul
    Are out there riding the wind

    [Chorus: x2]

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