C‐Murder Dreams Lyrics

Life or Death Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 A 2nd Chance
  • 3 Akickdoe
  • 4 Constantly 'n Danger
  • 5 Don't Play No Games
  • 6 Show Me Luv
  • 7 Picture Me
  • 8 On the Run
  • 9 Get N Paid
  • 10 Only the Strong Survive
  • 11 The TRUest SH...
  • 12 Makin Moves
  • 13 Feel My Pain
  • 14 Soldiers
  • 15 Cluckers
  • 16 Life or Death
  • 17 Where I'm From
  • 18 G's & Macks
  • 19 Commerical
  • 20 Riders
  • 21 Watch Yo Enemies
  • 22 Duck & Run
  • 23 Ghetto Ties
  • 24 Survival of the Fittest
  • 25 Dreams
  • 26 Outro
  • ****
    sometimes I just wish I could sleep it off
    cause i dream about things that I know that i can't have
    thing i know will never happen
    like a safe environment money happiness success
    *****s want static than he going to get it
    i came up with blood money that means
    i'm wicked I roll with nothing but ninos
    so they call me a baller i wiped a *****z ***
    because I'm not a talker
    took a flight to kali came back with some birds
    ten g's for a key from a ***** called dirt
    I like to hear my mack eleven empty out a clip
    shot a fool up in the club and then i changed my outfit
    maintain and uphold my statis as a g
    *****z kiss my *** because i got a lot of money
    plain and simple *****z leave huh when i don't feel'em
    because they know when they **** up then i'm going to kill'em
    understand i was rasied where the young *****z roam
    if you wanted something ***** you had to get up on your own
    all these want to be **********en
    *** hustlers better wake up and stop killing on another

    chorus 2x
    I wish that life was a dream
    cause some times i wake up
    and just want to scream
    i live amounst the cut throats and the killers
    lord don't let my son be another victim

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