Blood, Sweat & Tears feat. Chaka Khan Dreaming as One Lyrics

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Smith, Palmer)

The morning dove singing
Her sweet lullaby
Her love is still thinking
Of how he replied
As I reach for you
You open your eyes
As if somehow you knew
The need in my life
As you always do
Slowly you come
And though we sleep as two
We're dreaming as one, dreaming as one

A child in his slumber
His world is at rest
I never wonder
Why I'm so blessed
As I lie with you
Awaking this day
I give my thoughts to you
I silently pray
That love will see us through
From darkness 'til dawn
Though we sleep as two
We're dreaming as one, dreaming as one
Oh now baby, dreaming as one,
Oh yeah, dreaming as one
Oh it feels so good, it feels so good sometimes
Wake up in the morning, just to wake up in the morning
And find you here beside me
I need you, baby, I need you, baby, oh yes
Oh it feels so good in the morning sometimes
Sometimes I just can't keep from crying
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