Haujobb Dream Aid Lyrics

Freeze Frame Reality Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Solid State Logic
  • 2 Dream Aid
  • 3 Consciousness
  • 4 Perfect Average
  • 5 Nezzwerk
  • 6 Trivial
  • 7 World Window
  • 8 Cold Comfort
  • 9 Analysis
  • 10 Sensor
  • 11 Yearning (Chameleon)
  • high speed progress
    step by step into a trap
    moment insignificant
    no way to penetrate the spotlight surface
    so stay outside close to your private light
    short-term memory
    permanently generating
    plastic destiny
    trying so hard to turn aside
    all the stress from oneself
    intelligence frustrates
    the polished face
    a fading race
    fed with facts
    to regenerate the lost inborn abilities
    we keep on training
    that difficult breathing
    a forced, perfect state
    protects us from rain

    easiest moving towards
    some difficulties fearless
    changing skins renew
    to the beginning again and again
    a generation exists just one day

    short story
    mirrors break
    asleep in a crack
    man-made aid
    to alleviate
    a man-made pain

    Written by: Daniel Meier, Dejan Samardzic
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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