Summoning Dragons of Time Lyrics

Lugburz Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Grey Heavens
  • 2 Beyond Bloodred Horizons
  • 3 Flight of the Nazgul
  • 4 Where Winters Forever Cry
  • 5 Through the Valley of the Frozen Kingdom
  • 6 Raising With the Battle-Orcs
  • 7 Master of the Old Lure
  • 8 Between Light and Darkness
  • 9 The Eternal Lands of Fire
  • 10 Dragons of Time
  • 11 Moondance
  • .....
    on cold landscapes of ghostly substance
    the dragon spreads its wings
    the only dragon, creator of time
    on paths where
    once surrounded by night
    throned the dragon of time now dwells
    the swords dipped in blood
    stone cold, washed away by time
    none shall live and all shall die
    immortal we stand
    on the hills where the dragon flies
    on the hills where dragon flies

    Written by: Michael Andreas Gregor, Richard Lederer
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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